Jam games

Here are my games that where done during different game jams. Creating a complete game in a small about of time is really challenging but fun!

Created for Ludum Dare 50, released 2022-04-03

The forces of Theon have figured out you are a spy for the Drarvis. You need to escape planet Lluna to have a chance for survival, but you are being hunted down. Will you escape or are you just... delaying the inevitable?

The mission is going to be hard, but it is what you have trained all your life for.

Created for GamesPlusJam 2022, released 2022-03-13

Survive for as long as possible and get a high score. Place block strategically and shatter them with the ball. Don't let blocks fill all the way up or loose the ball!

Created for Ludum Date 49, released 2021-10-03

The computer have become unstable. As the process guardian it's your job to navigate trough the different processes and return the computer to working condition. Beware of erratic code that is unstable and will fail if you touch it. Reach the exit node to clear the cache and return the computer to a stable condition.